Friday, 29 September 2017 14:07

A New York bite out of (copper cable) crime is not so simple Featured

Stolen copper Stolen copper

The New York City Transit Authority (NYCTA) has turned to undercover agents to thwart sites that buy stolen copper cable. Earlier this year, the scruffy looking man pushing a shopping cart full of stripped cable stopped at two sites in Long Island suspected of buying cable that belonged to the NYCTA.

The man told staffers at each site that he had swiped the cable, which they took. He was paid $189 for 88 pounds, and even more at the second. He returned with even more scrap copper. A subsequent search found plenty more evidence. The Police Department Transit Bureau’s special projects unit has deployed motion-sensitive cameras in tunnels that record passers-by.

For all the efforts and successes, it has been a story that seems to not have a resolution. As the copper that had been sold by the undercover agent had not been stolen, the only charges were for attempted possession of stolen property. The owner of one of the sites insisted that it was all “human error.” Two days later, 200 more feet of cable was found at that site, and four more men were arrested.

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