Season 01 (2017)

Episode 07 - Plasma Surface Treatment

In-line atmospheric plasma treatment cleans, etches, and functionalizes surfaces to improve wettability and bonding. In this video (4:43), Ryan Schuelke of Enercon Industries explains how plasma technology works, including tips for maximizing effectiveness.

Episode 06 - Die Angles

Esteemed industry experts Don Young and Tom Maxwell discuss the importance of having proper die angles in steep taper drafting. This video (5:35) offers some tips for finding the right contact points to prolong die life and maintain product quality.

Episode 05 - Hand Safety Pt.I

This video (8:12) details various methods and tools for mitigating hand injuries at General Cable Corporation’s plant in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Episode 04 - Cast and Helix

Don Young returns to WAI HardWIRED to explain how the measurements are taken and what adjustments can be made to the die box to change cast and helix on a standard draw block.

Episode 03 - Abrasion Damage

In this 9:01 minute video, Chris Reeve, metallurgist for Insteel Wire Products Company discusses abrasion damage and its impact on wire rod.

Episode 02 -
Measuring Dies with Tom Maxwell

This video (6:33) explains how to perform some quick measurements to help determine if a die is within tolerance. Die Quip Corporation President Tom Maxwell outlines measurement of diameter, approach angle, and bearing length, as well as visual surface inspection.

Episode 01
- David Hawker on manufacturing prescence and Don Young on Wire Drawing Chatter

This video (3:59) describes the natural vibration that causes chatter marks on wire between the die and draw block. Presented by respected machinery and drawing authority Don Young.

Pilot Episodes (2016)

Pilot 03 - Brian Parsons talks about WAI and Wrap Testing & Torsion Twist Testing video

This video (8:58) describes the setup and operation of a bench-top wrap tester for coil tempered spring wire and a torsion twist tester for brittleness, inclusions, and other flaws in ferrous and nonferrous materials. The processes are demonstrated on Sjogren Industries equipment.

Pilot 02 - Andy Talbot discusses dependency on tech and Horace Pops talks Central Bursting wire issues

This 10-minute video identifies the causes and corrections of central bursting defects, or cuppy wire. Presented by esteemed wire breaks expert Dr. Horace Pops, it includes detailed illustrations and an explanation of the stages of this type of break.

Pilot 01 - WAI President's welcome video and Extrusion Screw Cleaning

This seven-minute video details the process of cleaning an extrusion screw. Hosted by Nexans Energy USA in Chester, New York, it presents a number of key points and considerations to ensure long service and keep the screw performing.